“Recently I spent two days with Margery Detring guiding me through the process of Heart Imagery 1: Cleaning the Past & Self Renewal . I was an active participant and enjoyed the revealing of what was in my heart that my mind had not brought to the surface. I could trust this experience because every bit of it came from my own heart. This authentic knowledge empowered me! I will always treasure this practice and recommend that anyone who finds themselves intrigued, might sign up and learn what their heart is imparting.”

– Treva Anderson
Career Educator, Classroom and Administration

It never ceases to amaze me how easily matters of the heart can draw complete strangers so closely together almost instantaneously. I feel a lot of trust must be shared amongst participants to be able to “let go”. It’s a cathartic experience. Thank you for sharing this beautiful work.

-Micaela Lee


I feel a lot of love coming from your  (the facilitators’) hearts.
Thank you!



I feel so much better. I feel so much more calm and more remembering about the love. Because I had a very sad moment [before the workshop started] it was very tough. So I’m glad I’m so glad we’re here.

-Sue Romano

Andrea and Margery took us on a beautiful journey throughout this workshop. I felt more connected with my Self, God, Mother Earth, The Universe, and All Life. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone who is wanting to bring more peace, love, and harmony in their lives and the world at large